Why natural hair?

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My little girl saw another little girl with long straight flowing hair,
she said: "mommy she has beautiful hair like you!"
me: "yeah she does. so do you"
3yo: "no" with sad little face

then it hit me, my poor baby have never seen her real mommy, I try to convince her that mommy's hair is just like hers, she didn't believe me. She finally accept my compliment on her hair, and say that her hair was beautiful too. Now I make her look in the mirror after I do her hair, shake it, wave it, touch it so she can learn to love her hair.

So leading by example I decide to stop relaxing my hair, (bye bye straight hair)so my little one can see that mommy's hair is just as curly as hers, and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Now How do I get these tresses to revert? is that even possible?
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