What I want for mother's day

By 3:35:00 PM

My friend Amyirah just ask in her group what do we want for mother's day with permission to splurge and be selfish.

So this is my list

I want a garden redesign, a tea area, sitting benches, paver walkways, butterfly flowers and bee approved flowers.
Basically I want my garden to be somewhere Tinkerbell and her pals would hangout.
When I leave the garden I wanna walk into my screen enclosed pool patio with waterfall sound, cabanas, grilling area, lounging area and dinning area surrounded by wild flowers and birds chirp.

So basically I want amazing garden landscaping done by HGTV professionals and a vacation worthy backyard. That's ALL!
I've already done the research the pool would be about fifty five grand, the guy told me 44G but I know I want more than his 44G is offering me so  I think 55G is reasonable.
The enclosure would be about 20G
The garden I could probably DIY for 3G
No biggie right?
Mother's day is only 2 days away God can totally Amazon prime this in my blessing package right?
I'd like to think there's a heavenly Amazon where you can prime a whole backyard makeover in one package.
What do you want for mother's day?
Splurge a little!

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