Thoughts and prayers are just not cutting it! We need to do something!

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I live a bubble on purpose because outside stimuli affect me more than I want them to. With all the awful things happening in the world every single day I make it a point to shield myself from all of it. So most of the time I'm unplugged and I don't what's happened until someone tells me.
I once saw on the news two little girls who had drowned, I cried for weeks I couldn't get over it. I take the news personally, keeping up with the happenings mean a constant state of heart break for me. Which is why I stay in an ignorant bubble bliss.

There was yet another shooting in a school yesterday, I just find out about it from my brother in Mexico calling to check on us.
It's a close one!
Yet again an 18 year old kid who had legal access to military rifle took the lives of 17 other  People and injured several others.
When will enough be enough?

I just saw Senator Cruz calling out Democrats "trying to politicize the shooting"
Dimwit! It is a political matter!

It's the politics of people who refused they are wrong. A illegal immigrant ran over a football player and killed him, the president immediately call for immigration law.

A middle eastern person ran over a crowd,  we immediately start talking about terrorism laws.

How is it any different when it comes to guns?

Isn't it time we start rethinking that precious 2nd amendment right to bear arms crap?

While it is our constitutional right to vote as citizens some get that right taken away when they become a felon.
They violate the trust of the community, that privilege gets taken away.

Certain privilege need to be taken away especially when said privilege becomes a threat to the safety and lives of so many others.

This is sickening!

Something needs to be done! Thoughts and prayers aren't enough!

We need measures! This isn't working!
It's time we think of lives instead of political views.

Enough is enough!

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