Happy New Year in February!

Who knows when the year starts anyway? I was reading some trivia about how February ended up with 28 days, it was like information from a tabloid. It was so inconsistent until the author conclude that no nobody knows why. Maybe the Roman empire was flexing its muscles, maybe they didn't actually know what they were doing, maybe they got sick of winter, maybe they were too cold and delirious and forgot to count.
Either way it's February is here I better get my new year started!
2018 sprung up on me and I was ready! I decided to go on a trip for new year's so since I was on vacation when it happened did the year really started?🤔

Time waits for no man or women whether you're ready or not!
This month is gonna be an exciting one, first of all it's black history, the blackest thing to ever happened to the cinematic universe happened! Hello Black Panther!

I'm all buckle in. Ready to be a grown up again!
What have yay'a

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