Get Your Game On! Happy February

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How are you doing?
Happy February! Can you believe it?
Before I could even wish you a "Happy New Year" it's February!
They say "time wait for no man" boy is this true. I have been in hiding, I keep calling it self-care but truthfully I'm hiding. With the current climate in our country... I just can't take so I hide! I find myself in hidings. I'm hiding from the news, I'm hiding from my timelines, I'm hiding from people, I'm hiding from what's going on. Wishfully thinking maybe just maybe by the time I come out it will all be over.
Well it is not over, and won't be over for some time or even never...

I have to live! YOU have to live! We have to live! Regardless of the climate and situation WE have to live!
We can't give up, we can't bow down, we can't hide. (Talking to myself, really)
I can't hide

I'm reminded of this guy, Gideon who was hiding away from his problems under a wine-press 
"When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said, "The LORD is with you, mighty warrior." Judges 6:12

I feel like I'm getting a similar call to get off my tush and live out my purpose! No matter what life brings, no what our political climate feels like I feel like God has already equipped you and I with the necessary tools to be a mighty warrior. He saw Gideon as a "mighty warrior" when he was just a coward hiding under a wine-press.

There's hope for me yet, there's hope for you too!

No one ever accomplish anything cooped up in a hole, hiding under the covers, sometimes you have to get up, you have to take actions, you have to do it afraid!
Today is my big declaration to do it afraid but not in hiding!

Tomorrow is groundhog day, this month is Black History Month, this month is filled with symbolism for me to get out of my hole and start taking some action.
Well that's what I'm doing! You coming?

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