Fight for your heart

When my alarm assaults me at 6 o'clock in the morning I don't like that... I don't like it at all, not one bit. I'm not a fan of mornings. Mornings bring out the worst in me... 
I found my head spinning with thoughts like these: 

"I hate mornings! 
I hate people!
I hate life!
I hate everything!"

This is usually how I wake up, but I don't linger in that attitude for too long. I usually shut the alarm off and enter straight into worship. Cause Jesus takes me just am I LOL

Mornings are like Kryptonite to me and worship is my sun. Just like Superman goes to the sun when he gets weak and the sun replenishes him and makes him strong again... that's what worship does for me. It helps me be human!

Except for this morning... something happened, I was on my first snooze when I hear this rambunctious commotion coming in my room. My children, it seems as if from the time I put them to bed last night to this morning they've been transformed.

 I put them to bed as precious little girls but this morning they wake up as little Banshees. 
Little whining Banshees. 
Little angry whining Banshees, determined to devour each other. 

Remember the part I told you about me being hateful in the morning? I hate mornings, I hate people, I hate life, I hate everything... well I got stuck in there! I didn't get a chance to make it to my "sun".
I got the stuck in my morning hating world, with two little screaming whining kids fighting over nothing. 

And I lost my Collective S***!

before you know it, I was a whining screaming and angry Banshees yelling at them. 

I had absorbed my children bad attitude and in turn, I was spitting out bad attitude. 

It is so important what we allowed to enter our hearts, especially in the morning. 

So why am I telling you about my embarrassing #mommyFail morning? 

Good morning it's a new lease on life, it's a start over, it's a do-over, it's a way to get started fresh and leave yesterday behind. 

We have a lot of negativity and junk entering our heart every single day through newsreel, through social media, through people around us, and sometimes in our own home!

You have to fight for your heart!

You have to Shield your heart,  you have to guard your heart like a guard dog and be vigilant about what you let in. 

If you don't know what's going on how can you make a difference? 

You don't have to watch every news cycle to make a difference, you don't have to read every article to make a difference, you don't have to post every frustrating thing that happened to you on your timeline, to make a difference... Nor read someone else's

You have to take care of yourself! 
you have to take care of your heart! 
you have to take care of your own attitude!
Self-care is the best care. 

We can't allow ourself to mirror other's bad attitude. 
Hate don't fight hate, 
we have to fight hate with love, 
we have to fight negativity with positive 
Darkness with light 

we have to beat them! We can't join them. this is the one time where that saying can not hold true the whole saying:"if you can beat them join them" 

we can't do that, we can't join them, we cannot join the hate, we can not join the darkness, we cannot join the negativity. 

However if that's the only thing you're allowed to enter your heart guess what you're going to be spilling out?
garbage in garbage out baby!

Build a shelter for your heart, your mind, and your thoughts.  

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