Who the heck am I? #exposeYourself

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Mic check 1.2 Mic check #clearThroat

My friend Brandi from Mamaknowsitall and the couragetoearn group issued a challenge…  to #exposeYourself! Pretty simple except that I'm not a fan of being exposed!
I’m crazy late to the party, I wasn't busy or anything, I was just scared. Scared to talk about myself or even introduce myself. Silly, I know, for someone who blog about my life you'd think this wouldn't be so hard but it is! 

I bite my lip and here it goes!

My name is Roodlyne (wood-Lynn) I often go by  Lyne here on the blog. 
I'm a mom to two beautiful little girls 7&8 and a dog named Petey, I'm a software engineer and I blog. 
I recently read a book by Suze Orman "women and money" and she also issued a challenge to introduce ourselves without using the word mother or our work title… She asked without being somebody’s mom and what you do...

who ARE YOU?

I didn't know! I still don't know, Which is why this challenge scared me so much. 
I use to have a blog called supermomplace, I use to talk about marriage, motherhood and happy life. 

I thought I had it all and I had it all figure out, then my world shattered. I got a divorce and lost my job, I was ashamed and embarrassed so I shut down that blog, I didn't feel like writing about me anymore because the "me" I knew was gone. 
Now I'm rebuilding my life one step at a time, I'm a single mom, I absolutely love being my kids’ mother, I'm an engineer, I'm a blogger, I'm an entrepreneur, I love shoes, I love clothes, I hop from one hobby yo the next. I garden, I sew, I make yogurt, I binge on comics and superheroes.

Some day I got it, someday I don't. 

I have to constantly remind myself to not freak out it's going to be ok! And I don't always believe myself. 

I'm super awkward, I'm freakishly introverted,  here in the blog is my safe place. 

I'm no writer but I like to tell a good story… 
I share the day to day adventure of finding myself and all the other stuff that float around me one blog post at a time.

This is me!

Who are you?

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