#Grateful - I'm grateful for change!

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Hi girls,
Can you believe it's December already?
This month creep up on me so fast, it was the 4th when I realized we weren't still in November.

4 weeks left in the year! 

We are down to the last month of the year, the last few weeks are upon us. 
Can you believe this? 2015 is over! 

Whatever you had to do, whatever you had on your New Year's resolution you have a few weeks to do it if you haven't already. 

It's time to slow down, savor the seasons, reflect on all that God has done! At least that's my plan.

We've been talking about being grateful a lot, I have been making an effort to practice being grateful, be more of a doer and it is starting to take.
I got to say the end result is beautiful one!

This month is the month of reflection and planning. It's a month to reflect back and see what we've accomplished and where we headed. 

I am so proud to say this year I'm grateful for change!

 I normally hate dislike  change with passion, I do not like change, I despise change but I am learning that change is good.

Change is healthy, just because you are used to do things a certain way doesn't mean is the best way.

Just because you miss the old ways, doesn't it mean it was good.

So I'm grateful for change!

I'm grateful for the things I lost,  the heaviness, the brokenness, all the stuff that drags me down.
The stuff that kept me awake, the stuff I thought I needed, the people I thought I needed, the relationships I thought I couldn't live without. 

What do you know? I can live without them! And it was good for me to lose them,  the loss was a gain!

The change was for the better, and I am happy to enter 2016 light "fat-free" and baggage free

I am grateful for the stuff that I got to do, travel, business conference, reconnect with my friends and family. 
I am grateful for the business I have built, 
I am grateful for the mother of become, 
I am proud of the business woman I've become, 
I am proud of the friend of become, 
I am proud of the mentor I have become 
I am proud of  the mentee I have become. 

I have learned to be teachable, you can't learn if you are not teachable. I think this is one of the greatest change in me and I believe it's a seed for the provision to come in 2016.

What change are you grateful for this year?

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  1. I'm greatful to finally have the clarity to realize that I need to slow down and takea step back so I can evaluate my life.