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I'm soooo grateful! God is beyond amazing!

I had an interaction with my daughters, followed by lighting bolt of revelations.

They were cleaning the their toy box and found some stuff in there, they nearly tackle me down with excitements. 

There was screams and squeals and lot of thank you mommy for some junk I had gotten them a long time ago. 
I was so moved, the whole time I was thinking:

"I'm going to get them something better"

Could it be the same with God? 
When we start being grateful for what we have, could He be thinking what I was thinking?

I totally think so!

You see my grin in the this picture? This the face I made plus several cartwheel (in my head of course)when I got a message saying "you won a pass for #typeacon"

I've always wanted to go to a blogger conference, but something always come up. Not this time! 
When you won a pass free and clear to go to a such a prestigious conference you know for a fact God is saying go to the conference my dear!

I think winning this conference pass is the direct result of my grateful attitude the past few weeks.

God was thinking I should get her something cool and He got me conference tickets.

Conferences is where bloggers meet with brands, network with other bloggers. It's a major step when you start blogging as a business.

My conference pass is not just a pass, it's an announcement: 

"6 figure blogger coming through" 

Can you get excited with me?

Have you JOIN the grateful challenge yet? Download yours HERE!

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