My new kitchen in my head: The LG Studio Kitchen Suite at Best Buy

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Introducing the new LG Studio Line at Best Buy

One of my favorite memories from TypeACon was the Best Buy suite... they had food, they had chefs cooking and stuff. There were a lot of awesome things happening at typeacon, but to be honest food is always my best memory. I love food, and tinkering in the kitchen is my fave pastime.

Next to my shoes addiction, kitchen gadget come in a close second.

Which is why I hang out in the Best buy suite so much, it was such a treat playing around this masterpiece. Can you believe how stylish this kitchen is? It's like style and functionality had a baby. It makes a bold statement and great addition to the overall decor.

My kitchen is old *insert sad face* I have been dreaming of an upgrade, you can only imagine my excitement around this kitchen, I wanted to haul it home with me.

It's like love at first sight.
"Sophisticated, Timeless Innovation- Cutting-edge appliance technology blended with energy savings capabilities delivery state-of-the-art functionality that goes far beyond just delivering your everyday needs."

What they mean by that is the fridge storage will blow you mind! Two top doors and bottom, smooth and shiny beautiful handles. It's big and roomy yet stylish and efficient. It saves energy and money.

The LG Studio appliance is crafted from the highest-quality premium materials and meticulously designed to incorporate thoughtful, innovative features for a kitchen that's distinctly your own.
The oven heat is distributed in such a way allowing for even cooking, no more switching from top to bottom game, or waiting for one thing to be done before you can insert another.

You get three trays, that you can move higher or lower. 
It's a dream! Really. 
I also fell in love with the flat surface, for easy cleaning just wipe and go.

The microwave fit nicely on top on the oven, maximizing the space. 

You know the microwave problem we all face and hate? I'm talking about the drips! Especially when defrosting stuff, they came up with a cutting edge and efficient way to solve that problem. 

A tray and catch pan! genius!

Check out what Nate Berkus had to say about this dream kitchen here, then let me know how smitten are you in the comments.

I really hope Santa read this post and deliver sometime before thanksgiving this would be a dream Christmas present.

You guys don't have to wait on Santa, Best Buy is currently 5X My BBY Points on all LG Cooking Major Appliances until 10/31

or you can  save an additional $400 when you create your own 4 piece LG kitchen package good until 11/3

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