How the tooth fairy got busted

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So the tooth fairy got busted!
it all started when my oldest lost a tooth at school so she came home with the tooth in a little tooth container. She was worried the tooth fairy might think the container was the actual tooth since it shape like a tooth... To avoid any confusion she left a note.

Cute right? 

So when the tooth fairy went to make the exchange she found the cute little note, it made her happy she wanted to reciprocate the note effect she left this!

Until morning, the bug came up and told me (making finger air quote) the "tooth fairy" left a note in mommy's handwriting.

I was obviously speechless, I didn't respond but the youngest bug explain it away like this" well the Holy spirit (church kids) use other people to bless others maybe the tooth fairy use mommy too. 

Last Christmas they explain Santa the same way it was a relief because I was not about to lie so they can keep taking credits for my work LOL. 
You can tell I'm not a fan lol but it they are so cute!

Anyway If little bug explanation hold I'm about to be the tooth fairy for THE long haul!

How do you gracefully step out of that culture without breaking little hearts?
Do you just let them figure it out, how do you explain it away once they know?

Mamas I need your help! Chime in the comments

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