Almost Wordless Wednesday: Week End Chronicles, Birthday Tea Party

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This week end we went to a tea party birthday, themed Alice in wonderland!

It was so cute! 

They played croquet 

My bug disguise herself as mushroom

They had an etiquette teacher, teaching them tea etiquette. Of course my kids kept saying 
"I knew that" and answering all the questions. 

I had to give them a little etiquette lessons about bragging but I was supper proud of their "properness" LOL

Yes Ms Sparkles was in in attendance, but she said she didn't need any etiquette lesson because she woke up like this! WHAT?!? LOL

We had lots fun... And I get pick the other moms brain, it's amazing how much we learn from each other. Of course we'll never admit it
but hey! Mum's the word!

How was your week end?

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