Time Management: Operation FIX my Life

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Time management is ruining me UGH!
I lost my job and I've been home since last May, if you guys remember I shared this before. Which mean I'm on official work at home mom mode.

I do OK I think but the longer I stay home the harder it gets, My projects are pilling up, I'm super busy and it feels like I haven't done a thing!

I'm trying to grow a business which consists of this blog, my eBay store and my JuicePlus/TowerGarden franchise. 

Added of course the task of studying for interviews  and looking for a job ministry works and my number job of all: being a MOM.

It sounds like a lot but I manage fine until my time management skills or lack thereof compromise everything.

I hate lists! 
I hate to-do lists! 
Deadlines and calendars give me the jibbies, as a result things are colliding, I'm extremely busy but nothing is getting done! 


Desperate time call for desperate Extreme measures!

I've decided I'm going  there!

I'm making a list, setting up goals and crossing days on the calendars... My brain is going to hate me for all these Typa-A behaviors but it has to be done.

What are some best tactics to stay on top of things?

I need Help! 

Home based business owners, work at home moms chime in... PLEASE!

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  1. I wish I had some advice to share, but I'm the last person to ask for it. I am a procrastinator to the max, keep erratic hours, follow no schedule, and make tons of to-do lists that never get done. I do however allow myself to indulge in little things to keep my sanity. For me, setting alarms and reminders on the computer help me the most. If I didn't I'd forget a lot.

  2. There are days that I feel over my head. Then there are days when I feel caught up. It never ends

  3. Wish i had advice. all I can say is for me a list works. I like seeing checked off items to let me know I've finished something.