MARVEL Avengers: Age of Ultron - Role Playing Family Event

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My love for Avengers started way back when my crazy uncle gave a stash of comics book for Christmas. I have a weird family, we would watch TV on a schedule. I'm still rolling my eyes 25 years later. 

It was always a treat when the incredible HULK  series would come on, we would break the schedule because my dad loved it, and so did I! 

The incredible HULK became my instant favorite

I remember pretending to be HULK smashing up stuff and picking up heavy things, of course my mom kept telling me to stop, to which I didn't listen LOL.

I picked a rock, fell and got hurt, my dear mom of course rushed to my side like any loving mom would and... gave me a spanking! SMH!

#sideEye mom #sideEye 

My princess obsess girls had never been a fan, until I told them that story. They thought is was very funny, so little by little they start asking questions and I fill them in on all the back stories... How did Hulk became hulk, How did captain Rodgers became Captain America and so on now they are almost MARVEL experts. 

So much so when we stopped by Walmart and visited the new MARVEL’s Avengers: Age of Ultron display they went bananas

Little bug is really trying her mean mug superhero face LOL

I wanted the HULK fists but we ended up getting the captain America costume, Iron Man fist, the movie and some snacks. 

I had to watch the movie later by myself because I don't think my bugs can handle the chatauris yet... they scare easy LOL

So we created our own  Avenger event at home.

Check out our props:

MARVEL'S: Avenger movie check
Avenger Snacks check
Super Heroes Assemble App check

This is the motion picture LOL

That little boy he is a die hard captain America fan! Wait... no He thinks he is Captain America.

Doesn't he look convincing?

After he suit up he needed a bad guy to defeat...poor mister bear!!!

She called herself Captain Iron Girl LOL

I've never seen Captain America shoots water before but this new Captain does

Yep she shoots water out her pink whatever thingy LOL

After all this shenanigans I got to watch the first MARVEL'S: Avengers for the nth times, although I can quote most of the movie by now, it still kept me on the edge of my seat. Which why I'm so stoke about seeing the new MARVEL’s Avengers: Age of Ultron tomorrow! 

Then the coolest thing happened... Got me even more excited! At the end of the last MARVEL'S Agent of Shield episode the other night Rayna had a vision of the men made of metals flying in and Agent Coulson said: "it's time to bring in the Avengers" referring the MARVEL’s Avengers: Age of Ultron coming up. 

My eyes pop out like ooohh it's about to get pumping! oh YEAH!

Are you excited about the new movie? Did you get ticket for opening day? Who are you going to see it with? 

Let me know in the comments

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  1. I LOVE Captain Iron Girl! That's amazingness. I'm a big fan too, but I've been awful at getting my daughter to be a big fan. I guess I Have some work to do! #client