Curse you daylight savings!!! Happy Monday! Yawn!

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Hola chicas!
How did you wake up in this find Monday morning? 

Me I kinda feel like captain hook screaming: "Blast you Peter Pan  daylight savings"

I mean I can barely wake up at the time I'm suppose to let alone an hour earlier. Lord I hope my body catches up to this mess quick.

Every year it's always the same thing! I get hour stole from me and I'm never ready for it... even if I try!

Last night I was on a mission to prepare my body and the girls' for the missing hour change. I got them ready for bed at 7 PM since their usual bedtime is 8 PM, I thought this would give them the extra hour so they can wake up on time and not feeling tired. Boy oh boy! From 7-8 I sing, pray, read to them, I even lay down with them to help stay down and unwind... didn't work. By 8:30 I've had it they wanted water,  8:40 then the phone ring! I'm about to lose it, 9:00 they start a fight, somebody put booger on somebody! So I begin to threaten! LOL I eventually got them to quiet down around 9:30 under the threat if I hear a peep coming from the room somebody is going to GET it!

After nearly 2 hours of painful bedtime routine  they ended falling asleep on their regular time because 9:30 would have been 8:30. All my hard work to outsmart the system backfire. 

Note to self next year, just leave them be! Once they get good and tired they'll catch up ton their lost hour in a nap.

PS: daylight saving I don't like you except when the tab is reverse and I gain an hour.

How did you guys manage this morning? 

Are you a morning person who isn't even phase by the change? (PS: to you I don't like you either) LOL

Were you late? is your body all out whack like me?

Share in the comments. I'm going to be somewhere resetting my Happy LOL

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