Celebrate new Life: Life after divorce

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New Life
Today March 25th would have been my 9 years wedding anniversary if my marriage had survived. 

But instead of celebrating something beautiful I find myself wondering the "what ifs" instead. 

What if I had walk away when I had the chance? what if I had moved on with my life instead of keep trying to make things work? 

Well what ifs

What could

What would

All are useless to me... Because I can't change it.

I can't go back. 

My marriage died, I fought and I lost.

I lost one of life's battle but the war is far from over. Now more than ever I got to keep my eyes on the prize.
I only lost one thing, but I still have So much more. 

Today instead of going over all the "what ifs", I will count my blessings. 

Because of March 25th 9 years ago, my life is blessed with  life's most amazing gift, I could ever hope for... My girls.

As awful as it may have been, nothing is wasted. 

My marriage crashed and burned but the ashes actually served as fertilizer for new growth, new life and I'm so thankful!

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  1. Holding up my glass and toasting to a bright and beautiful future, with the blessings and lessons your marriage gave you!

  2. I love the last sentence. Stay strong!