This Christmas

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Hi Guys!
How's the Christmas preparations coming along? I know I've been talking about making money a lot this pass week, so I think I'd take a money break this week end to actually ENJOY the season.

So I took the kids downtown to see the Christmas light and fake snow. We had a blast! I was the biggest kid, we ride the trolley around town and saw the 600 tons Christmas sand tree. It was the coolest things I've seen in a while.

Schedule snowfall, tree light show and water fountains dancing to the sound of music. It is truly magical. Our South Florida weather doesn't give us snow but we manage LOL 

Who knows I could get this excited over fake snow? 

I hope you are stopping and smelling the hot cocoa and not giving too much into the stress of the season.

Spend time with friends and family this is what they will truly remember.

How's your Christmas season coming along?

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