Tuesday Shoesday: Summer Wedding

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Hi Guys,
Summer is officially over, we head back to school this week and I'm hoping to get back to my regular posting schedule. I'm so excited about this new installment of Tuesday shoesday, why you ask? 
The shoes you've met... but the dress! let me tell you about how this little dress came into my life.

I was asked for my daughter to be a flower girl at a friend's wedding, of course of the preparation and attention went to her. I had no idea what I was going to wear, I certainly wasn't thinking about these shoes.

The wedding was outside so I know I wanted something airy and girly. I had something in my mind, but it wouldn't work with my white sandal I'm itching to wear. I went dress hunting with the white sandals in mind, when I first saw this dress I thought they would be a great pair... until I tried it together and they  just did NOT get along LOL

Now I got my mind made up that this dress was peach or coral or something. I never realize it was pink!!! I was a Holy spirit moment when I accidentally drop the dress and it landed on these shoes and the blended perfectly.

I feel so girly and sassy I could pop hehehe

How was your summer? What did you do?

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