Tuesday Shoesday: Thrifted ankle strap

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It's official I have a thrifting problem and I have a major thing for ankle straps.

Thrifting has always been a hobby of mine ever since my girlfriend introduce me the fun, I usually go looking for great vintage fabrics to upcyle. 

It's been ages since I've sewn anything, so my focus have kinda changed and landed on these shoes! 


The are the most comfortable shoes I've ever own, they are they are the cutest soft buttery leather have ever slip my foot in. 
It's a Brazilian brand, I've been looking for it everywhere. they've use that pure genuine leather oh so soft. These shoes definitely made the list of things Jesus would have in heaven!

Yep they're that good! 

and to pay $5 for them that's SO my kinda heaven on earth!

Any thrifters in the house?

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  1. we share a thrifting problem. :) we should start thriftshoppers anonymous. :) LOVE the shoes!!

  2. I try to go to a thrift store every time I can. I love to collect yearn for my crochet projects. I have bought a lot of slightly worn shoes when I go there. I love the color of your shoes. Beautiful pics.