Grateful and Praising God

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I am grateful! I just wanted to tell myself that, and if I just sit here talking to myself and waving my arms in air screaming “Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Thank you for your healing! Thank you for my healthy babies! and healthy family” while tears run down my face I pretty sure people would think I’m crazy and they might order me off the premises. So that the reason why in this very moment I’m doing all of this in my head while typing them down.


I should do this more often but sometimes I get lazy and comfortable and I forget until I stumble upon a another mother and starting to hear her story… how her little 3 year old baby girl come up with what seems to be a fever turn cancer. As I read the updates in her journal I can feel my heart wrenching and tearing apart. The whole story sounds like a dramatic episode of “House” or “Grey’s anatomy” only it wasn’t entertaining it was a real mother’s pain.

I feel pain just reading about it, I can’t even imagine her actual pain and how scared she must be… and the little girl…

I turn around to look at myself and realize that I did/paid absolutely nothing for my healthy babies. I’m no better than her in any way BUT my God choose to show me mercy.

so I praise Him for my healthy babies

I pray healing and comfort for her baby  Even now He can still do it!

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