Friday Fashion Tips for Moms

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 I wrote this post as a guest post for my girl Echo over at Mad Mommy a while back, it was such a fun post I thought I'd share it with you guys too.

Being a mom of small children sometimes even taking a shower is daunting task that can WAY down the to-do list.
Ok am I the only one? moving on!
As I was saying it's hard fitting a shower in our crazy schedule forget about FASHION!

But Sometimes we do need to hang the mom uniform, and feel like a woman again. You know the one who use to take multiple showers a day wear smell good lotion and wear other stuff beside T-shirt and jeans.
I wore old maternity clothes and moomoos for 2 years I didn't like it but it was convenient, so I came up with a convenient way that will work with my new "mom" job and allow me to still be a little bit of me.
Admit it, as women we like to look cute, even if we prioritize our kids over our looks but deep down it feels good to look and feel like a woman again. It's not always easier but here's a few tips on how to work it in! and not even look like mom :)
This is the mom uniform, the trusted jean, t-shirt and sneakers, it's not too bad. It's comfortable, easy with a dash of color it's almost stylish! :) Someday this is needed, on days when you need to kick some you-know-what.
But we can take it up a notch...
Throw on a blazer, some wedges and even some stunners and
you're a whole new woman!
In my part of the world wearing pants in certain time of the year can kill you! Ok maybe not kill you but it can get so HOT pants, especially jeans are no-nos. Here come the maxi!
I call this my week end uniform, I have about 3 or 4 of them that I rotate with cute flats.
Not much styling required, with some cool shades, I can even ride incognito! They don't even know I'm a MOM LOL!

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  1. I still love this post! It is so much fun! I love how fashionable you are and how accessible you make it for us!