Summer chronicles: My best friend wedding

I really like that Pic, but I didn't know how my groomsmen would feel being plastered in my blog so he's MR sunshine LOL
we look gorge! if I do say so myself!

I love the little bug photo bombing LOL she wasn't suppose to be in it LOL
 My best friend's wedding happened to be my all time favorites movie! I can watch it back to back for hours and still get teary eyes as Julia Roberts proclaim her weirdo love for her bestfriend, then I'll laugh at myself for being weird too. LOL


Summer wouldn't be summer without weddings.
My girlfriend got married and I went on a road trip! I drove to another state, and didn't get lost!
Somebody say PRAISE THE LORD!
if you only knew how much of a miracle that was. Nevertheless we had so much fun! The wedding venue looked like a screen saver! So pretty it didn't look real, looked more like a back drop.
My girl did absolutely right by her bridesmaid and pick the most gorgeous dress summer wedding dress ever!
I'm so wearing that dress again!

What have y'all been up to? How's your summer going?

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