I Got Fired

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Hola Chicas!

How have you guys been doing? I've been kinda sporadic in and out and I have a good reason sorta...

I Got Fired!

Yep! yep! I got the eery HR call a month ago, so I've been at home trying to figure out my next move. You'd think I'd have more time to blog right?

Wrong! Nevertheless I haven't been idle, I've been working diligently on my "work at home mom" projects you know we gotta eat! and more importantly I gotta have shoes!

I'm so grateful for how good God has been to me and my girls, last time something like that happen to me, I was a wrecked, although I had a nice severance package and a husband to pick up the slack I was so bummed and out I couldn't sleep, I was cripple with fear... I was in a bad shape.

This time around, my severance package is barely, and I have no husband back up, I should be freaking out, but I sleep like a baby! I have such a peace in knowing that my God is Jehovah Jireh, and He will provide. Such a proof that our circumstances have nothing to do with how we react.

It's all in the focus!

I'm in the same storm, even worse storm but I have His peace and comfort and knowing He got it all under control.

I praise God for His peace that passes all understanding and for staying true to His promises that he will never leave me nor forsake me, He is my source and my provider.

Whom shall I fear? :)

I have so much stuff to share with you guys, my new project I'm working on, the every day awesome moves of God.

Stay tune!


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