Worship like you just don't care #stillBelieve #JesusCulture

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Kim Walker-Smith singing her heart out to God!
Total surrender

Like the Alabaster box!

My daughter says it's pack like a mailbox LOL

Don't have to trade good music for worship! all in the same box!
This guy made that guitar sing!

and the drum?1? #SICK in a really good way

I have a crush on upright bass! When he start playing "Spirit Break out"
I had a picture of heaven... in revelation it says that in heaven it's constant
Music we've never heard before, it's crazy to even imagine that sounds of worship
can get any better than this... and it will!
I already know I'm going to love heaven, and joining the worship
choir is going to be my fave!

She broke into spontaneous worship it was just total surrender
to the Lord. I think I stop taking pictures after that I was caught up
in His glory. #nowords

that drum sound again! you'd have to be there...

and the bass...

Him again with that guitar
Hola chicas!
Happy Monday! How was you mother's day week end? I had the most fatabulous week end.
I brave the drive to South Beach Miami to go to a Jesus Culture concert, am I glad I went.
I got so close to not going. I mention it here before on the blog before how much I hate driving, added to my giftedness to get lost even with a GPS I stay from driving. Especially busy places like South Beach
Thank God! I found some friends from church who were going, they encourage me and propose we caravan.
I still had to drive but following them lifted the stress of getting lost.
I'm so glad I went, I took the girls and my mom with me. We went early, hang out a bit before the concert, ate some greasy South Beach pizza! Great prelude to Mother's day!
The music was awesome, worship was awesome, but the best part was watching and hearing my babies worshiping and singing their heart out to God. Best sound in the world!
I'm amazed by how much they know the words, you'd think I listen to a lot of Jesus Culture music...
I DO hehehe
How was your week end?
What did you do?
Ever heard of Jesus Culture?

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  1. It looks like you had a great time!

  2. Glad you went! I almost didn't go camping this weekend but was sure glad we did! Funny how it works out that way, right?