Preach to Yourself

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What about taking your own advice?

I’m the kinda of person who always have an answer to everything. Everything when it comes to other people problem. If you got a problem I’ve got the right advice, the right verse and a testimony to back it up but when it come my own mess I’m clueless. Why is that?

I never knew that about me… until a few wrench got thrown in my plan and I found myself all shaken and scared.

Today is one of those days, something huge happened, and I really need to take my own advice and TRUST God!

Today I really need to hang on to the word of God, knowing that He is Jehovah Jireh my provider.  My heart is right but my mind is not getting in line, thoughts are popping in and they are scary.

I want to have a brief convo with my mind today:
So dear mind in case you forgot I want you to remember HIS mercy endures forever, HE is my shepherd I shall NOT want, He is for me who can be against me? I’m the tree planted by the stream water and all the GREAT promises are mine.

I will not be moved!

What's your Monday like today?

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  1. Yes indeed! All His promises are mine! Amen!
    My Monday was great! I had lunch with two of my daughters on Monday! Twas nice!