Happy Memorial Day: Shoesday on Monday

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Hola Chicas!
Happy memorial weekend! Yay to a long weekend! While we are going away, Barbeque-ing, enjoying the beach or pool or whatever you choose to do... remember someone paid a price so we can have the freedom to have fun with our families.
Take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.

 ****Moment of Silence****

What are you guys up to? as for me like you can see I'm summer ready. I wore this little white dress to a theme tea party 2 years ago, I totally forgot about it, until little bug try to wear to do the "canga" don't ask!
I thought I could wear this again, but I didn't like all my neck and shoulder all out like I decide to play with the hair! I quickly grab some "grow-me-quick" hair pills LOL and voila!

I feel so sassy! I just hope I don't drop any BBQ on my white dress. These royal blue shoes are about to be in some heavy rotation! I know they're fall colors but WHO cares! they are fab and comfy!

Excuse the blurry pictures... Since my photographers quit on me, I decide to play with my tripod LOL Notice how my pose are getting caught half way? I'm learning!

What are you plan for the long week end? what did you wear? dish out!

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  1. I love the hair!!! You look great!

  2. Girl, look at you! Rock in it!

  3. The hair is awesome. Haha And I LOVE the shoes. Very sassy.

  4. I am so jealous. Those are blue suede shoes. I want a pair! Hope you have a wonderful day.