Tuesday Shoe's day: The wedge life

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Hola chicas!
Last week I took a shoes break to be in my garden in honor of earth day. You can't really wear pretty shoes when you plant unless you want shoe a la mud (pun)
I've missed Tuesday shoe's day. I have been wearing the life out of my bubble gum pink color block shoes! I think the are my new faves!
Today I pull out an oldie but goodies, my trusted wedges! I love almost everything about those wedges. From the bow to the stripes, the red bottom, the feel inside... up to the time when I have to walk!
I learn this about these shoes the hard way too. I was traveling last summer and I had them in my bag. When I got to the counter, my bag didn't meet the quota, I either had to pay or remove some stuff.
So removed s few things that could fit in my hand bag and these shoes I just put them on.

Lawd! I had to walk what feels like 10 miles to my terminal in these shoes! The little anklet is a bit thin, not much support for walking!
I got tons of compliments  and even some whistle around the airport but only I know it was not a fun walk.

Nevertheless these shoes are super cute and fun and since we're already in full "summer" in my part of the world wedges are perfect way to sassy up!

Happy ShoesDay!

What are you wearing today?

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  1. I don't know how you gals do it - literally walking around on your tiptoes! Great looking shoes though!

  2. Cannot do wedges My feet would punish me, but they are adorable!

  3. I prefer wedges over heels but i know what you mean about how it hurts when the ankle strap isn't supportive!