What can you do in 5 years?

Her first home
First day at home!

She was a week old, I took her to church for Easter service
Today's birthday diva

The bunny princess

Well turn out I can grow a little diva!
Five years as it turn out is not that long but you can do a WHOLE lot! 

Five years ago today, I gave birth to the cutest, squirmiest, most awesomest baby I could ever pray for. She was my little extra blessing, my little surprise, my double joy! I'm not just saying that... 

That little bug sleeps at night right from the hospital, latched on and suck like a pro 2 hours after she was born! 
She continue to surprise me or should I say bless me again and again!

Today is her birthday! 

Today makes me an extra happy mama! We've been celebrating for the whole month and today we party with style! 

Diva style!

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  1. She is a beautiful little lady! those baby pictures are ADORABLE! She is perfect! I love her birthday dress! Tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

  2. I can't believe how quick time goes with our divas! Happy Birthday!!!

    1. it's almost surreal! I try to enjoy each moments before they fly me by!

  3. She is absolutely adorable. And I hope she has many happy birthdays in the future. Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday Linky Party.