Tuesday Shoes' day - Hello spring - Pop of Color

Spring is Here! or is it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd say spring is tripping!
The weather has been sooo moody we go from 80 to 50 in one day!
Don't get me wrong I'm super grateful for the sunshine!

Last Saturday was one of the good days, nice and cool with plenty of sunshine, I put on my trusted tank and skinnies pair up with these bright neon shoes from shoedazzle of course. It was perfect for the week end. Later on I had to throw a blazzer on but it was good while it lasted.

These shoes are high on cute factor but they are not made for walking! They are about as comfortable as single sole shoes get. They are the kind you put on when you know the majority of time you'll be seating down. If you have to walk or stand in them definitely make sure you are gellin' LOL

They are really bright, great to add a pop of color and put you in a spingy mood. Even if mother nature says otherwise!

I feel so sassy in my skinnies and pump!

How was your week end?
Has spring come yet?

This Post was written by Lyne A.

I'm a multitasking Christian mom to two exceptionally beautiful little girls and an handsome dog, I love Jesus, my family and I have a mild case of shoe addiction. I like Fashion, Cooking, DIY, all things girly, pretty and pink. I blog about my faith, overcoming brokenness through the anointing that brakes the yoke, my family's lifestyle and of course my shoes!


  1. I really do not know how you walk lol. I would be on my face. it would almost be worth it because those shoes are pretty cute. :)

    1. LOL practice I guess! I bet you wouldn't fall. I'm issuing a heels challenge for all of you LOL

  2. Oh wow, you are rocking those those! I don't think I could do that!

  3. I love those shoes!
    Check out my blog sometime http://sunkissedrayy.blogspot.com/

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Lyne you are gorgeous!!! Love that big hair and those neon shoes! I love heels but I have a narrow heel and it's always so hard to find cute shoes that won't go flapping on my heel. I always end up with a strappy heel.

  5. Awwwww man! It's going to be weeks and weeks before I can even think about heels. Love the neon