How to get the best out of Shoedazzle

You guys know I love shoes!

and one way support my mini addiction is through Shoedazzle, I have so many pink boxes in my closet it's almost embarrassing!

How do I get the most out of it? Here's how
First you need to sign up, it's super easy sign up here!

Then you setup your style profile so your personal shopper can know what's you like
Now you should opt to be a VIP  Member. VIP members get free shipping both ways no matter how much you spend.

Now that you are sign up as a VIP the monthly subscription is $39.99, but that money stays in your account until you ready to shop, but if you are weird like me and prefer to spend on your own terms.
You can skip the month, you have until the 5th of each moth to skip.

The secret: On Saturday they have the VIP style steal where certain shoes can be as low as $15.99 until noon or so, like that you'll never have to spend $40 on a shoe

Although I spend way more a month on Shoedazzle shoes I always skip LOL 

That's it! Have fun building your shoes wardrobe!

Are you a ShoeDazzle member? How many shoeDazzle shoes you have?

This Post was written by Lyne A.

I'm a multitasking Christian mom to two exceptionally beautiful little girls and an handsome dog, I love Jesus, my family and I have a mild case of shoe addiction. I like Fashion, Cooking, DIY, all things girly, pretty and pink. I blog about my faith, overcoming brokenness through the anointing that brakes the yoke, my family's lifestyle and of course my shoes!


  1. I'm not a member of Shoe Dazzle, but $15.99 for a pair of shoes sounds great.

    1. Oh yeah! I just got one of the VIP deals for 19 original price was 64. So if you know how to work it, you can certainly get some great deals