Winter In Florida - Thrifted Crop Jacket

Holla chicas! Merry Christmas!
Usually by this time, we would cool off to the 70s or so around here, but this year it looks like summer is still sniffing around this part. I'm totally tripping with these boots, but they are so stinking cute! I got them off shoedazzle on one of those deal of the day they were $14.99! I got a black and a red one. althought the calf is huge on my chicken legs, I couldn't resist wearing them with my new slightly worn crop jacket I thrifted. The print in this fabric is to live for, the buttons, the pockets oh my! The pciture does not do it justice. I'm still praying for a new photographer, as for now 5year old is all I have. 
She still does a good job when the lighting is right. :-)

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