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Hola chicas!
I have been M.I.A due to some technical difficulties but I think I've got it all squared away now back the the regular programming!

I've got a review!

I receive this Meaningful Beauty Voxbox from influenster. I got to say influenster have been treating me pretty nice lately.

Anyway I received the  Cindy Crawfords’ Meaningful Beauty Créme de Sérum I've been using it for 1 week now, I think it time I give my 2 cents.

What I like

I like the twisty swirl inside the bottle make me think of ice cream *don't ask*!
I like the very delicate pump, you're able to get the cream in your hands with no mess in one swift push.
The cream itself is very silky, a little go a long way. It goes on very smoothly and provide enough moisture. Because it's non greasy.. when I use the meaningful beauty I wake up with pretty face, no greasy mess around the T-line.
The smell is light and not overbearing.

What I didn't like
While the packaging was pretty enough, it didn't have instruction how to use the product. I suppose influenster figure I was a beauty expect and didn't need it o_O

The product is very silky but I would figure if you have really dry skin you might be left feeling ashy.
I normaly use straight olive oil on my skin at night so I'm use to a lot of slip. So I feel that the meaningful beauty didn't sliperry enough for me, so I add a tiny dab of EVOO nd it was all good.

All in all that a personal preference.

The meaningful beauty creme de serum is suppose to reduce the sign of aging. It's kind of hard to tell since I've only use it for a week. So we'll see!

Have you ever try the meaninful beauty creme de serum? How do you like it?

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