A Crown of Beauty

Good Morning Beauties!

The post for today is one that I wrestle with a lot, whether I want to share it, whether it's to personal but it's been my moto lately to speak up so leading by example shall we?

So a while back I shared about my family trouble, I Have been separated from my husband for quite some time now, and ever since he left it's like I felt naked, like missing a limb which accurate because it's says the two shall become one some when a 1 turns 2 again there's a gonna a tears or a missing piece.

I never admit to that because it makes me sound weak and needy, but it the truth, with that said. I haven't been anywhere ever since, especially if it's something that requires a date. I feel ashamed even walking into church by myself, I feel exposed like everybody can see my loneliness, like people can see the huge hole.

My choir have these annual balls, last year I didn't go, for the fore-mention reasons, this year I said I wasn't going and I had no intention of dressing up and go a ball.

Princess goes to ball... either to meet their prince charming or with their prince charming, I'm neither so why would I go to a ball?
As I drill myself in my usual dark hole. Quietly in my mind I heard
"...He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning..." Isaiah 61:3

Then I remember this has already happened!

He did gave me a crown of beauty,
He did lift my head Ps 3:3,
He calls me his bride Rev 17:9,
He never leaves me nor forsake me Heb 13:5,
He says I'm beautiful Eph 5:27,
He says I'm never alone, He says He loves me Rom 8:38!

I am already a princess! my king already came and rescue me, I have a crown already!

So I dust myself off, tighten up my corset, got dress, wear my crown and went to the ball!

Sometimes it's just a cute outfit sometimes it's a deep meaningful story.

So that's the story behind the crown!

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  1. Hello my dear! It's chosencalledcha from Twitter! I am finally making my rounds and trying to get to know everyone and their corners of cyberworld. I know this is totally off subject, but I love your hair! You are such a beautiful woman!

    I know it may be a tough time in your life, but remember the author and finisher of our story. He loves you more than you can ever imagine and he is there to mend your broken heart. Don't loose sight of what he has in store for you. :)