Something I made: Black and white Polka Dots Maxi Skirt

By May 10, 2013 , ,

 The Maxi

 These sandals need a post of their own *sigh* they Jessica Simpson

You know I was gonna try to put a bow in there
Hi guys!
Happy Friday! As promise in last week installment voila!
My polka dots maxi skirt, this one was so much fun to make, although it wasn't perfect, I kinda botch the whole "bow" tie idea but I was so happy to wear it.
Something about wearing stuff you make, just surge you with confidence, sometimes a little too much LOL.
This is my second attempt at styling the skirt, the first time... well it wasn't so good but no one could tell me any different lol All I knew was that I made a skirt and I had new mint shoes.

The look wasn't all that in itself but I felt all that. Some people say fashion is not about what you wearing is how you wear it... well I wore my fluke with pride.

That's why to redeem the skirt, I re-style it with a simple black top and those pink Jessica Simpson sandal for a pop of color.
What do you think?

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  1. Ok, you just pushed me over. I'm going to get my sewing machine from my mom house and make my skirt. I'm looking for colorful, pretty eithnic printed material. Any suggestions?

    Both skirts you made are so cute.

    Great inspiration.

  2. Thanks. Actually I don't really a great fabric store near me. I go to joann's sometimes I get lucky. I once order from they have nice stuff. You might wanna try hands on first, before you know your fabrics I wouldn't buy online, learn that the hard way :)

  3. I love that skirt! You did an excellent job and those shoes....LOVE THEM!!