I love my smartphone, do you love your smartphone?

OK. I'm a little extreme with the "love", but I think like is appropriate to describe my relationship with my smartphone so we'll have to go with love.
Last year when I was cutting back, I looked at my $150 Verizon phone bill and thought it was ridiculous to pay that much money for a phone, especially when I don't even talk on the phone.

Buuutttt it's not a phone, it's a smartphone LOL! See at night when I can't sleep, I'm feeling empty and I just know I need God's word to give me a boost. I'm not gonna turn the light on, put my glasses on, sit down and read my Bible but I can reach for my phone tap on my Bible app and feed myself. In this case my phone is my Bible and my reading light.

I can't sleep, I had a headache, took some excedrin, caffeine got me all jittery and my head and flowing with ideas. Great blogs ideas, ideas you know you just have to write them down, because if you down, you gonna wake up thinking lets write I got ideas only to realize your great ideas from last night are now a figment of a far away dream unable to be put to words. How I solve that? Grab my phone, tap on my WordPress app and create a post and save it to draft, the next day all I have to do is clean all the android induced typos but I still have my ideas. In this case my phone is light, pen and notepad.

My phone is my GPS, my price checker at the store. I can see if Amazon have something cheaper than the store before I buy.
My phone is sometimes my mall,  my magazine, my fashion Inspiration, my social life LOL

You name it!

There is abolutely no point to this saturday randomness whatsoever but if you feel like joining me...

How do you use your phone?

What is your smartphone to you?

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  1. Girl, do not even start on this topic....my entire life is in my phone! I shop on it, bank on it, create meals, I do it all. I would be lost without my phone. My phone is my social life...I know, I know I some real life friends, lol.