The Thrifted Series: Funky pattern pleated skirt

Hola Chicas! Happy Friday!

On today intallment of The Thrifted Series/No shoe left behind I showcase my Funky pattern pleated skirt!

When I firt saw this skirt, I knew I had to have it! I mean it's funky, it's pleated what's not to love? I had no idea how I was gonna wear it, I was like should I bring out the pink? or the yellow? or the green yadiyada. I had it sit in my closet for a few months, then it hit me. I dont need to bring anything out, the skirt speak for itself, all it need is a simple black v-neck. and voila!

Nude peep-toes with bow. I love bows!

Added the large obnoxious yellow bag with my cute and comfy nude peep-toe & bow seal the deal.

I was comfy and sassy all day :)

Do you thrift? what is your most prized find?

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  1. I love too thrift and I would absolutely buy that skirt, I love it. I have found so many good finds. I found a pair of tan cowboy type boots that I love. Now that it is getting warmer and I do not mind going out, I will thrift more often. Great post!
    Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose