Monday Motivation On Tuesday: You're doing OK

Good Morning!

Genealogy Of Jesus

Got a little caught up yesterday so we are having our Motivation Monday on Tuesday :)

Whenever I'm feeling inadequate and start to look down on myself I like to visit Matthew 1, where it depict the Genealogy Of Jesus. I't remind me that it's not about me it's not what I think of me but wht God thinks of me, it remind me that I an worth much more and I'm more vualuable than I think. When they enemy start to pound in the condenmation and try to remind me how much a nobody I am, these name I highlighted in the passage are good ways to tell the enemy to Shut UP!

First in the lineage of Jesus (The perfect Son of God) you see Tamar, who is Tamar? she is a woman who pose as a prostitute and tricked her father-in-law into getting her pregnant!
Can you say eeewww!

Then we see Rahab: She wasn't pretending to be a prostitute she was a real one!

Then there's Uriah's wife (Bathsheba) she's the woman king David commited adultery with.

See how God take the most messed up folks and elevated them to be part of His Son birth?

Today if you like me was feeling condenmend about a past or some mistakes or whatever Don't worry about it, God can use it.

You're doing OK!

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