Monday Motivation on Tuesday: Oh Happy Day!!

I remember a few months ago when we adopted Petey from a adoption pet drive. That poor dog was so scared!!

This is him the day after he came home, it took me 40 minutes to get him out of the little corner to go for a walk which was an epic fail.

The first few days was so hard! He didn't want to play he would hide in one little corner and no matter what I do he wouldn't budge.

 scared puppy

The reason is, he's been bounce around from shelter and foster home, he was fearful opening up to his new family. He had to learn that we are his family. He had to stop identifying himself as a rescue puppy and learn to receive the love that his new family is offering.


Now he is such a happy and carefree puppy, he knows who he is and whose he is. He loves his home and protect it.

 he is the man
There is nothing that can happen to me that God can't turn into something miraculous.

Petey story for some reason speak so loud to me, I know it doesn't matter where I came from or where I've been or what I've done... I am now in the family of almighty God. I've been rescued, I've been adopted I am part of God family now. There's no need to be fearful and worrysome I've got a home now.

and it's in the loving arms of daddy God!

It's a happy day!

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