Monday Motivation: God Restores

I didn't have a lot of failures growing up (if there were my parents did a great job hiding them), I did well in school, I do well at work, I even do well in church (if you can measure that).

I had a pretty good undisturbed life.

Now how do you deal with failure when it hits? especially if you have no experience with dealing with failures and all of a sudden you facing the most tragic/traumatic /disastrous /Jack up ones.
See... everybody has their idea of success, their way of defining themselves... for me it's my family. You will never hear me introduced myself as "hi! I'm a computer science engineer! or list degree or anything" but I will introduced myself as a christian, a wife, and a mother. That's me!

Now what happen when my essence, my success went poof! My marriage failed! My family exploded and I'm under the rubble of a broken family... what do I do? how do I dig myself out? Am I still me?

Maybe not...

but one thing I do know, I am who God says I am and I can do what He says I can do. He is a God who restores. He will do what he says he will do.

He will rebuild the wall of my ruin. Praise God I will not be in the ashes forever, in the mist of the ruin I shall thrive and rise out the ashes.

Amos 9:11

I've been gone for a while... of course I'd like to say I was busy, or blame it on the facts that my kids have been sick but the truth is I written up some stuff I don't really have the courage to publish them...

but I am reminded that every event that occur in my life has a purpose, sometimes you get to see a miracle sometimes you get to be the miracle to someone else.

I pray these word encourage someone, and be reminded that God is a God who Restore.

He give beauty for ashes.

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