New Years Resolutions

Hola chicas!
It's so good to be back from this mini blogging vacation, it was good to just kick back and chill with the kiddos for a few days. Can you beleive we already burn a week out of the year? Anyway about that New Years Resolutions...
I'm sure everyone have already made their new years resolutions, and getting ready to tackle them. Whatever it is... spend more time with God, saving money, lose weight, gain weight, make career moves, read the bible, blog more yadiyada!
I am not much for making lists, but deep down I usually set some goals for myself, things I want to accomplish in the year but this year I'm gonna do away from the New Year resolutions list, instead I have just One.

Jesus at the center

Everything revolve around Him

See I realise this is the only sure way to get to that greater level that we all crave.

I had goals for my family but it blew up in my face, I had goals for my careers (turned out great) but it's nothing I had expected or plan for, I promise God I was gonna be good, I was gonna control my emotions, be a good example... I lose my temper and let my emotions run wild before I said AMEN. Either way my goals and plans will let me down, but when my all revolve around Him I know that even if my plans fail He will use it for my good. If I don't make good on my promises He still loves me and will pick me right up.

So this year all I desire is a greater Anointing!
What About you?


  1. Yes! I need to refocus myself this year as well. I try to keep God at the center at all time as well, but we are only human and we backtrack sometimes. As long as you have the focus and keep reminding yourself to let go and let God, it will all work out in His favor!

  2. I totally feel you! Blessings, girl!

  3. Happy New Year! Jesus in the center...your heading for a wonderful year!

  4. Agreed! A greater anointing indeed! It's been my experience time and time again that when pleasing Jesus isn't the main goal in all that I do, things begin to fall apart instead of gelling together.
    It's refreshing to read a post where someone's New Year's resolution revolved around the main reason for them being here in 2013 in the first place...Jesus.