No Shoe Left Behind - Animal instinct

Hola Chicas!
It's Friday which mean it's another instalment of No Shoe Left Behind
Today installment is a tribute to blogging. A few years ago, I would not be caught dead wearing any kind of animal prints. To me it was almost "hookerish" LOL yeah I know!!!

Smile it's Friday

These shoes were my very first animal item, I got them a few years ago, in an attempt to step out of my comfort zone. I'm so glad I did and I never went back! Comfort zone is overrated.

love these shoes
Another thing blogging expose me to is Thrifting My blogger pal DivaMom took me on my first thrifting trip, now I'm a thrifting monster. I found those suede skirt at one of my recent trips and it was 50% off! I mean the skirt was already $6 now I got for $3. After I do my praise dance and thank God for cute skirt blessing I gotta say thank you to blogging too :)

so nice you gotta see it twice LOL

Look at them, I was missing out on all this animal print fun!

Do you blog?
What have blogging or just reading blogs open your mind to, to cause to step out of your comfort zone?