No Shoes Left Behind - Popping color

Hola Chicas!

Happy Friday! Today is another No Shoes Left Behind installment.
I don't know if you guys picked up on that, when I like something I wear the Jesus life out it. That's the reason why I'm doing the no shoes left behind, so all my babies gets some play. If I left it up to
fateme I would be wearing those hot pink wedges every day, everywhere.

That's not only true for my shoes I do it with clothing too.

remember this shirt?

This shirt is the same polka dots I wore here on my mixed pattern attempt.

...and the BLUES continue

and you can also tell I have not let my Royal Blue down. LOL

 Nothing say I love you more than hot pink shoes

These hot pink wedges are not only cute and comfy, they mean something to me. Long story short, I was down and out one day, and the Lord decide to cheer me up, He led me in the store where they were 75% off. It may sound funny or downright shallow to use the name of the Lord in my sale hunting-shoes buying frenzy, BUT sometimes he does wants me to be comforted by the Holy Spirit, and sometimes He just give me hot pink shoes. I tell you no one knows my love language like my God does, and nothing say I LOVE YOU more than hot pink shoes.

 pink it up

Praising God for shoe blessings!


  1. Those shoes are so cute, love that you showed different ways to rock them!

  2. Totally cute! You always look like you are having fun in your pictures! I am so glad you are letting all of your shoes get some play!


  3. Thanks Roxy! Oh yes these punk shoes get worn with everything!!

  4. I love those wedges! Lol @ shoe blessings, I thought I was the only one that thought that way about finding amazing deals.

  5. Girl, God aint got no hands! That's how He gives hugs and kisses! LOL with amazing shoes deal :-)