No Shoe Left Behind - Mixed Pattern

Hola Chicas! Happy Friday!

After my little experience on Monday, I realise that I have never worn shoes, although I have a lot of shoes and buy often, I still wear my all faithful on a regular basis and some boxes are left un-open.
So I'm putting myself in a challenge I call "no shoe left behind" I'm going to put on a shoe rotation so all my shoes get some play.
I'm so exited!
To get started I put on my bold hat and tried a little pattern mixing!

Dots on Dots

I'm not angry, the sun is in my eyes LOL

I made this maxi skirt out of Mimi G Style tutorials, it's my favorite skirt to twirl in, makes me feels so sassy and feminine.

ooh I love this shot

I love this shot! so sassy! The story behind this oh so candid shot...

What had happened was: I had Petey (the dog) twirling around me, I almost fell as my 4 year old took that shot LOL

recognize this royalty?
I'm sure you remember this royalty from it's a royal life and the earrings were a thrifted treasure.

Now you get to grade my Dots on Dots attempt.
How did I do?


  1. Easy A+! You are print mixing like a pro!

  2. thank you love :) so glad you stopped by

  3. You look fab!!! I love the mix on dots and those blue shoes!!!

  4. LOVING this look! especially since you made the skirt. That's awesome!


    PS LOVE the blue suede shoes ;-)

  5. I think you did a wonderful job. Can't believe you made the skirt yourself! The blue heels are a perfect pop of color. BTW- This is a great challenge!

  6. Thanks Alisha! Always showing me love :) love you girl!

  7. Coming from the stylist herself, I'm gonna go pat myself in the back LOL thanks Karen.

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