A Blog is Born

Excited does not even begin to describe how I feel right now, this baby right here (AnointedHeels) makes feels so grown up and big shot.

A lot of you who follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook already knew about my big move from supermom dome to AnointedHeels. The change was needed and thanks to some great coaching from my BLMGirls I cooked up the idea and there you have it.

Last year was very difficult for me, and out of my difficult situation I've embarked in a journey.
You can already tell this blog is gonna be a whole lot about Jesus and what he's done for me, my bundles of cuteness, and of course my shoes & other shenanigans in my life.

This journey is very important to me, it's a journey of healing, growing and finding my purpose... pursuing the anointing and I do it all in my heels.

I hope that you will put on your favorite pair of hot heels and join me in this journey, as we pursuit the anointing, receive our blessings, get heal and grow into all God created us to be.
We'll have fun, play dress up and win prizes!!!

talking about prizes I've got party favors! you can't have a party without party favors...

 I have a gold, bronze, and this shiny sliver

3 anointed lucky ladies will win these fabulous earrings
entry is simple.
1. Suscribe to my RSS feed here
2. Like AnointedHeels on Facebook here
3. Follow me on twitter here
4. Tweet about the launch party using hashtag and link
#anointedheels http://goo.gl/ulCe7
5. Leave me a comment what do you think about the new blog and don't forget to leave you name and email :)
6. Follow me on Instagram @anointedheels (optional)

There's gonna a lot more party favors to win so stay tune.
I so appreciate to you coming, I hope we get to know each other and become friends.
PS: winner announcement next Friday Nov 9th.


  1. Showing love from BLMgirls. Looking forward to your posts! Oh, and I want those earrings!

  2. YAY for the blog! Can't wait to read more. Now following :-)


  3. Those earrings are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway and hope I win a pair! :D

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  5. I love this new beginning! I'm so ready to hear what's going on in your world! Awesome start.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Nic! I hope we all get encourage :-)

  7. Me too! I am so excited in this journey, it's unknown yet exciting!

  8. Congrats on the new launch! :-)

  9. YAY! I am so excited about your journey and your new fancy smancy BLOG!