The Day I big Chopped

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May 7th, 2011 while my husband was out of town, I just work up and go to the salon. I had thought out it all week, I stalk Curly Nicki forum like junkie. After I posted about big chopping itch somebody told me that if that's all I could think about that mean I was ready.

my last relaxer was on Christmas, I discover the term transitioning around maybe April, so I decide I was going to do it for a year until my my natural hair was long enough for a ponytail but that didn't last no more than 3 weeks.
I started buying the natural hair products, all the good stuff and realize that those perm ends that's going to get cut off eventually... were eating up my products hence wasting my money.
I woke up that day and went for the cut. my hairdresser nearly had a heart attack LOL

I left these babies at the salon's floor, with no regrets at all. :)

When I get home, my 3 year old was the first to see me and she say ooh mommy your hair is spiky!
I say do you like it? she say yes! it's fashion.
And that's all that mattered to me.

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