Unconventional Hair growth methods for natural hair

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I came across a post about women taking prenatal vitamins for the sole purpose of growing their hair. 

Is the idea reckless, excessive or just plain wrong?

I would say neither, because first of all a woman is entitled to her own hair regimen, second of all prenatal vitamins are just vitamins supplement.

 Supplement being the operative word... the do not replace the nutrition that one should be getting from good food.

If your body is not getting the necessary nutrient then when you take a vitamin you body is going to hijack the nutrient for higher purpose like feeding your vital organs.

The body only care for outside (hair, skin, nails) after the insides are taking care of. 

That's the reason why you can sometimes evaluate your overall health just by looking at your hair and nails.

As for me, I'm not discipline enough to keep up with daily vitamin intake. When I was pregnant I had to program an alarm on my phone, a secondary one on my outlook, and a sticky note to remind me to take them. Now I just can't see myself popping this giant pill just for the sake of growing hair.

One thing that I will do: stock up on banana, avocado, mangoes, papaya, blueberry, strawberry, collard green, eggs, whole grain food that strengthen my system.

Yummy good food oh YES! now if I get some hair in process (Which I will!) that's just bonus :-)

Do you use unconventional method to grow your natural hair?

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