Skip the transitioning! I big chopped

So Saturday I woke up with the big chopped itch. I couldn't sleep Friday night all I could think about is my hair, this transitioning gig is getting costly. I just bought a bottle of conditioner and it is gone! All this hair on my head that I was already detached to... it felt like a huge waste of my good products, wasting my good stuff on some relaxed end that I'm going to cut out anyway!
why not now? Besides I have never seen myself with short hair, I thought once I grow my curls it is very unlikely that im going to chop them so if there's ever a time to see myself with short hair the time is now!
who knows it could be fun!
so there it is the case for chopping is made.
So I chopped! isn't it cute? I can't stopped looking at myself in the mirror and take pictures of myself every chance I get LOL

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