One week post big chopped

Ok so I chopped off my hair now what?
Im excited that's for sure, I'm studying this hair thing, trying to figure out what works best for me. Right after my big chopped I went to target and got me some products I have been reading about in the forums.
I got the kinky curly knot today leave in and the kinky curly custard, I got aussie moist conditioner, hair one sulfate free shampoo, garnier fructis cream gel, and 100% african shea butter.
YES! A product junkie is born!  I spent over $80 on products that day, but I quickly justify myself that I usually spend that same amount to have someone fry my hair on a weekly basis.
I figure my products would last me longer than a week and I have room to experiment.
Here is it! The second day of the big chopped I used the kinky curly knot today and kinky curly custard I pin my hair on one side to make a half-hawk.

Here is the half-hawk side... Please disregard the giant zit on my cheek.

a front view, you can see it looks a bit jerry curl-ish, I went kinda heavy on the custard and my curls haven't set in yet so some of the hair is still kinda straight.
Hopefully the curl sets fast.

a side view of the pin, I use cute little diamond accent hair clip, for a more DIVA-ish look. Hope it worked :)
It was my Sunday morning church look, I got tons of compliments that day.

I'm on this learning journey and I'm determine to master the art. in overall I'm very happy with my big chopped. we'll see how I do over the work week.

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