Monday, April 20, 2015

Time Management: Build a routine, Make small changes

Last week I shared about taking control of my schedule.

I have been all over the place,  been very busy but  I don't get anything done. 

I'm always doing something important the problem is which important things do I do first? 
Among all the important stuff, showers sort of fall in the bottom of list. Don't judge me! Working in pajama is fun, just not as productive as I would like. 

I've been making changes I started with something as simple as taking a shower.  Funny right? I find that when I take shower in the morning I give myself the signal that my day has started I get dress packed all my "office" in a Trader Joe's bag and head to the library from 10 o'clock to 1 o'clock.

I have gotten so much done in those few hours I had to pat my back.

I feel so proud of myself of all the stuff I've accomplished for the day, just by taking a shower and leaving the house.

This is a small victory in changing my time wasting habits. 

First Make a To-Do list
First thing in the To-do list take a shower!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Friday: Smile you're in Paris

Bonjour Les amies! 

Happy Friday!

Hope you all had a good week, mine was a bit eh... Spent a couple days feeling sorry for myself and pity partying but I today I thought I'd snap out of it and embrace a "Paree" state of mind.

Sometimes you just got to encourage yourself.

Hence my snazzy shirt LOL

It's amazing what a fun shirt, cute shoes and a slight change in perspective can do for the morale and not to mention the look.

I'm not usually a fan of printed shirts but something about this Paris and red lip that just makes me happy. 

when I saw it I kinda had to have it, and today was the perfect day to pull it out for some much needed snazz.

Besides it's Friday!

What's y'all got cooking for the weekend?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

#disneySide at home celebration: Princess Tea Party

Hola Chicas!
What's cooking? 
On my side, it's a DisneySide Party Home celebration. 

Remember I shared about my Disney side party box I received from my friends at Disney park? 

Well our party in a box transformed into a princess Tea Partay! 

***Hold your pinky up and sip tea***

Little girls Tea party is all about the games and activities, short attention span, mixed with excitement turn them to butterfly hoping from one thing to another. So I made sure we had plenty!

Royal everything! Royal barrette making, Royal coloring stage, Royal karaoke, Royal story time, Pin the smile on the Mickey. We had fun and game galore!

I almost forgot the Royal beauty parlor where you can get a Mani followed by pixie dust treat
ment. LOL

You can't have a Disney side party without getting your Frozen on! 

Let it go! Let it go!

Oh the tall princess/queen in the shiny dress that would be me.

 Queen Mommy is my name "Enchantee"!

The girls watch in awe as I place the bow on Minnie LOL

Minnie was very grateful for her pretty bow, however she told me that she is going to need botox for the first time in her very long life after what I've done to her face LOL 

Sorry Minnie! #cakeDecoratingFail 

But the party itself was a blast, We had so much fun, the kids are already asking me when can we have another Disney side party?

Soon My darlings, soon!

Did any of you guys had a Disney side at home celebration this year? share with me in the comments. Can't wait to check it out! :-)

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Time Management: Operation FIX my Life

Time management is ruining me UGH!
I lost my job and I've been home since last May, if you guys remember I shared this before. Which mean I'm on official work at home mom mode.

I do OK I think but the longer I stay home the harder it gets, My projects are pilling up, I'm super busy and it feels like I haven't done a thing!

I'm trying to grow a business which consists of this blog, my eBay store and my JuicePlus/TowerGarden franchise. 

Added of course the task of studying for interviews  and looking for a job ministry works and my number job of all: being a MOM.

It sounds like a lot but I manage fine until my time management skills or lack thereof compromise everything.

I hate lists! 
I hate to-do lists! 
Deadlines and calendars give me the jibbies, as a result things are colliding, I'm extremely busy but nothing is getting done! 


Desperate time call for desperate Extreme measures!

I've decided I'm going  there!

I'm making a list, setting up goals and crossing days on the calendars... My brain is going to hate me for all these Typa-A behaviors but it has to be done.

What are some best tactics to stay on top of things?

I need Help! 

Home based business owners, work at home moms chime in... PLEASE!

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter Sunday

Happy resurrection Sunday!
This is the skirt I was making yesterday. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you already seen the making of my Easter frock. My baby girl was helping me and I'm so excited how good she's getting. Pretty soon I'm gonna have my own in house seamstress with amazing fashion eyes!
Anyway... Say hello to the skirt!
Happy Easter Sunday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Friday: It's Time to PINK!

It's Spring! So I've heard LOL

Where I live we have 2 seasons hot and/or wet, so spring doesn't really mean much to me. But I always like to reflect the fun colors of Spring. 
I got my toes painted a bubble gum pink color to tell myself it's spring, then the pink madness just sorta took over. 

Say hello to my pink wedges. HELLO!

I paired it with this pleated skirt I thrifted a while back. I love the versatility of this skirt. At first glance it's black, then you see pink, then you see green, do a double take you see lavender and even a hint of yellow. 

If the colors weren't smashing enough those shapes are to live for.

Happy Friday! What's for the week end?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Celebrate new Life: Life after divorce

New Life
Today March 25th would have been my 9 years wedding anniversary if my marriage had survived. 

But instead of celebrating something beautiful I find myself wondering the "what ifs" instead. 

What if I had walk away when I had the chance? what if I had moved on with my life instead of keep trying to make things work? 

Well what ifs

What could

What would

All are useless to me... Because I can't change it.

I can't go back. 

My marriage died, I fought and I lost.

I lost one of life's battle but the war is far from over. Now more than ever I got to keep my eyes on the prize.
I only lost one thing, but I still have So much more. 

Today instead of going over all the "what ifs", I will count my blessings. 

Because of March 25th 9 years ago, my life is blessed with  life's most amazing gift, I could ever hope for... My girls.

As awful as it may have been, nothing is wasted. 

My marriage crashed and burned but the ashes actually served as fertilizer for new growth, new life and I'm so thankful!