Monday, July 21, 2014

Lifeway Kefir Strawberry Mango Sorbet and IceCream Pop

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This  week end had been a blessed one loaded with lots of fun, first we got 2 whole days without rain, then we got to go shopping! It was ridiculously HOT but we got around to cool down with some yummy healthy cold treats.

I probably mention it before, one of my bugs little tummy doesn't move very well so I'm always trying to incorporate good cultures and probiotics in her diet to help things along... I don't have to tell you how excited I was when I walk into winn-dixie to get my Lifeway kefir probiotics milk smoothies. This stuff was God sent!
This Lifeway food contain 12 live and active Probiotics cultures, it's high in calcium, gluten free, 99% lactose free,  no artificial sweetener and it is GMO free.

 I picked up a few flavors for my #KefirCreations, I already know the 2 bugs would never agree on the same flavor. LOL They kinda compromise on strawberries and mango so that work for me. Since it's hot, I was set out to make "Ice cream Pop" (if that's even a thing, but the bugs swears by their ice cream Pop) but I ended up making a sorbet too.

Throw everything in a blender and blend until smooth
Then pour into ice pop mould and freeze for 2 hours.

However, if you happened to have an impatient 5 year old who can't wait for the Pops to freeze, this is where the ice come into play. Add some ice to the blender and tada! you now have an instant frozen treat ready to enjoy!
We call it the "Lifeway Kefir Strawberry Mango Sorbet" we get fancy with it. LOL

Good thing come to those who wait, when we came back from the park hot and sweaty big bug was in heaven.
and then they say enough with the cuteness we going to to town with it LOL

Have you guys tried Lifeway Kefir probiotics milk smoothies? if you haven't here's a coupon for you.


Recipe for ice cream pop & Sorbet

You will need
  • Lifeway Kefir lowfat cultured milk
  • cup of frozen mangoes and strawberries
  •  Ice cube 


Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Fashion Tips for Moms

 I wrote this post as a guest post for my girl Echo over at Mad Mommy a while back, it was such a fun post I thought I'd share it with you guys too.

Being a mom of small children sometimes even taking a shower is daunting task that can WAY down the to-do list.
Ok am I the only one? moving on!
As I was saying it's hard fitting a shower in our crazy schedule forget about FASHION!

But Sometimes we do need to hang the mom uniform, and feel like a woman again. You know the one who use to take multiple showers a day wear smell good lotion and wear other stuff beside T-shirt and jeans.
I wore old maternity clothes and moomoos for 2 years I didn't like it but it was convenient, so I came up with a convenient way that will work with my new "mom" job and allow me to still be a little bit of me.
Admit it, as women we like to look cute, even if we prioritize our kids over our looks but deep down it feels good to look and feel like a woman again. It's not always easier but here's a few tips on how to work it in! and not even look like mom :)
This is the mom uniform, the trusted jean, t-shirt and sneakers, it's not too bad. It's comfortable, easy with a dash of color it's almost stylish! :) Someday this is needed, on days when you need to kick some you-know-what.
But we can take it up a notch...
Throw on a blazer, some wedges and even some stunners and
you're a whole new woman!
In my part of the world wearing pants in certain time of the year can kill you! Ok maybe not kill you but it can get so HOT pants, especially jeans are no-nos. Here come the maxi!
I call this my week end uniform, I have about 3 or 4 of them that I rotate with cute flats.
Not much styling required, with some cool shades, I can even ride incognito! They don't even know I'm a MOM LOL!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

grateful and praising God

I am grateful! I just wanted to tell myself that, and if I just sit here talking to myself and waving my arms in air screaming “Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! Thank you for your healing! Thank you for my healthy babies! and healthy family” while tears run down my face I pretty sure people would think I’m crazy and they might order me off the premises. So that the reason why in this very moment I’m doing all of this in my head while typing them down.


I should do this more often but sometimes I get lazy and comfortable and I forget until I stumble upon a another mother and starting to hear her story… how her little 3 year old baby girl come up with what seems to be a fever turn cancer. As I read the updates in her journal I can feel my heart wrenching and tearing apart. The whole story sounds like a dramatic episode of “House” or “Grey’s anatomy” only it wasn’t entertaining it was a real mother’s pain.

I feel pain just reading about it, I can’t even imagine her actual pain and how scared she must be… and the little girl…

I turn around to look at myself and realize that I did/paid absolutely nothing for my healthy babies. I’m no better than her in any way BUT my God choose to show me mercy.

so I praise Him for my healthy babies

I pray healing and comfort for her baby  Even now He can still do it!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My new toy: Tower Garden by JuicePlus

Every summer, I get bit by the gardening bug, I buy tons of plants, dirt, fertilizer, stuff with cow poop in them, gloves, garden gears and cute hats. The only thing I've ever seen a harvest with is my hot peppers I had 4 peppers. This year I got a new toy! my tower garden, it ran itself! all I have to do is fill the tank set the timer and it grows itself. I am in love! 
I just harvested some of the lettuce, they were so good! little bug eats them right off the tower it's too cute.
I can wait for the rest of my stuff to grow!

Any of you ever heard of the tower garden?